Live Broadcast Events 
Live Broadcast Guatemala 2022


This is the moment to talk about Live Broadcast Event. We can do Expo Virtual, Events, Seminars, Presentations, and any project. The speakers can be in the venue or in their office, the audience in the venue or in their houses or anywhere.

Live Broadcast Events

1-5 hours.  $2500.00

What do I get on the package:

. Live in your Social Media

. Virtual Connections

. Live in HD

. Recorded Event

. Three Cameras 

. Three Persons and one Director

. Original Sound

. Mics Available

. Logos- Lower Thirds- Pictures

. You provide the Internet Access

. Video Edit 3-5 Minutes Highlights

. 5 Speakers

. Use PowerPoint

. Use Videos with the speakers or part of the Virtual Event

Facebook Live – Microsoft Teams – YouTube - Zoom