Live Broadcast Webinars



You could offer free Webinars or paid Webinars. Global Digital Media Services is here and ready with the technology and the Webinars that you want to offer you clients. From 100 to 1000 or more can attend you Webinar. On the Webinar you could show PowerPoints, Videos, Photos, sell books or services, and your Webinar is recorded and could use pre-recorder some other days.

Live Broadcast Webinars

1-3 hours.  $1800.00

What do I get on the package:

. Live in your Social Media

. Live in HD

. Recorded 

. Two Cameras 

. Two Persons and one Director

. Original Sound

. Two Cameras HD

. Mics Available

. Logos- Lower Thirds- Pictures

. You provide the Internet Access

. Filming the Webinar

. Video Edit 3-5 Minutes Highlights

Facebook Live – Microsoft Teams – YouTube - Zoom